Who you surround yourself with matters.

Successful business leaders are intentional about how they spend their time and who they spend it with.  As a Vistage Chair, I create meaningful and impactful relationships within a group of trusted leaders who have each other’s back.  We troubleshoot, strategize and work together to tackle each other’s pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities.

Imagine having your own trusted Board of Advisors

In my CEO Peer Group you’ll find leaders who are humble, driven, and hungry.  They don’t think they have it all figured out.  They are eager to surround themselves with other leaders to gain from the collective experiences and perspectives they wouldn’t have alone.  Everyone is trying to break through to achieve something they haven’t before for their organization and for themselves.  They show up for one another, listen, learn, push, support….they have fun and get BIG things done.  

We meet as a group once per month for a full day and dedicate our time to working ON the business.  This is where the magic happens!  We intentionally spend time talking about what matters most, getting to the heart of what is in the way, and sharing experiences and observations that help each Member drive forward.  

The power of their own local peer group is magnified by having access to 27,000 business leaders within the Vistage network groups.  Everyday our Members are leveraging the power of peers across the globe.  

What will YOU get out of a Vistage Peer Group?

Bottom line – GROWTH.  Growth in revenue.  Growth in bottom line.  Growth as a leader.  Growth as a person.  There is no question to the Return on Investment our Members receive by investing in themselves and their organizations in this way.  

Our Members have told us WHY they continue year after year to participate in our Peer Groups. 

  • Making better decisions (gaining perspective and space to work on the business rather than in the business) 
  • Accountability (becoming more accountable and better able to hold others accountable) 
  • Growing (personally and professionally)
  • Isolation relief (from being “lonely at the top” / imposter syndrome)
  • Change management support (internally and externally to the business)

WHO is in my CEO Peer Group?

Successful business leaders with diverse experiences and perspectives:

  • Founder of a Minority Woman Owned Talent Placement firm who has “audacious” growth goals and a passion for making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Seasoned executive with a background that ranges from key leadership roles within the Federal Reserve Bank to leading a dynamic, local non profit with national recognition and a transformational story.
  • CEO of a Professional advisory firm serving physician practices in over 30 states with impressive M&A success and a licensed CPA.
  • Partner in a thriving Holding company that acquires healthy lifestyle businesses and leverages proven strategies to drive growth and improved profitability.  
  • CEO of a family-owned commercial contracting company that specializes in managing construction projects in patient-occupied healthcare and medical facilities.
  • Founder of an award winning, female owned Architectural firm who is passionate about creating a culture that challenges the status quo and attracts and retains the best and the brightest.
  • CEO and owner of a synthetic polymer manufacturer who recognizes an inflection point for his organization and is committed to breaking through the current growth plateau.  Fun fact – he’s fluent in Japanese!
  • NC native and Partner in a professional services firm specializing in Production Automation, Industrial IT, and Project Management for Manufacturers.  Focused on creating an intentional exit strategy in order to “play in the dirt” more often.  
  • NCSU Alumni and CEO for a private equity backed commercial controls group who leads with integrity and trust and is focused on significant M&A growth goals.
  • Founder of a start-up Branding & Culture agency that is breaking ground in a new space that is needed now more than ever –recentering business around a purposeful and values-driven brand that fosters an authentic culture and grows the bottom line.

WHAT kinds of issues & opportunities are discussed?

We talk about what is getting in your way, what is challenging you.  We talk about what matters most.  We talk about the hard stuff. 

Examples of Issues we have discussed recently:

  • Talent – Finding and Keeping the right people
  • Scaling for Growth – infrastructure, investing in the right roles, systems & capital
  • Exit strategies that are intentional – having a plan that creates the life they ultimately want
  • Raising capital & funding – all of the options and paths (partners, private equity, fundraising, etc….)
  • People issues – SLT, Boards / Investors, Teams
  • Family
  • Health
  • Relationships


We get real.  We get vulnerable.  And we move mountains.


Relationships matter - I enjoy being a part of someone’s journey.

My passion is in helping people solve problems and achieve their goals – in business and in life.  I believe this is my purpose, my why.    

As a Vistage Chair, I bring business leaders together to pull out of the day to day to work ON their business and together we remove obstacles and drive toward goals.  My commitment is that I will bring the right people together and create a safe space where they achieve Confidence, Clarity, and Camaraderie.  

I am genuinely invested in my Members.  It’s important to me to really get to know people and  become a part of their journey.  Being there for the highs and the lows.  Supporting them.  Celebrating with them.  Helping them push past whatever is holding them back.

I Listen.  I Support.  I Push.   

Listening and supporting are natural states for me.  I show up this way in my personal and professional life.  I listen to understand, and I support through empathy and encouragement.  But the key is to not stop there.  The push is about accountability and helping someone get beyond where they are stuck.  Progress and forward momentum are so empowering! Business leaders solve their greatest challenges. Today, more than 27,000 members in 26 countries rely on Vistage.

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Take your business and leadership to a whole new level.

Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.

Vistage members approach leadership excellence as a continuous journey, with ups and downs that require grit and determination. They bring rigor to their decision-making, knowing they don’t have all the answers. They take advantage of outside perspectives from trusted peers, guidance from respected mentors and insights from renowned thought leaders. And the results speak for themselves. Vistage is the world’s largest peer advisory and executive coaching organization for small and midsize businesses. For more than 60 years, we’ve been helping business leaders solve their greatest challenges. Today, more than 27,000 members in 26 countries rely on Vistage.

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